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I have been having issues with my account for a few years with no success from our council or district reps and national so hopefully, you all can work your magic. They tried a bunch of stuff and did an awesome job but we couldn’t get it fixed. We moved from NC to PA and upon signing up at least two accounts were created at hawk mountain council and my original account from eastern Carolina council was still active. They were merged but somehow my account became a child’s account and was not an adult or leaders account. It was unable to be fixed previously so hopefully I can find some resolution. My account info is
user name: (removed by Moderator)
SB User ID:


BSA Member ID:


Thank you

@TheodoreSheetz perhaps I do not understand - but all the accounts look fine and are adult

Hopefully that picture goes through it shows my account info. I have a parent/guardian space. Adventures and my bobcat rank but also pack committee. Every year when the scouts are leveled up I lose all rights because it resets me.

As far as the training site everything is correct and I have all my training for leadership. Just not the actual scoutbook site.

Scoutbook has not tracked training for several years.

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@TheodoreSheetz we see your point and see nothing on backend we can see - it is reported to developers

@TheodoreSheetz I would recommend asking your local council Registrar use their Registrar Tools to look up your child(ren).

In the Relationships" section, they should check to see that your child(ren) are connected to you (parent / child) with your correct BSA member ID number 10267108. They should remove the other one. I think that might be what is causing the flipping.

Thank you for submitting to the developers it is greatly appreciated.

I have worked with the registrar before and we thought we were good, I am linked to my son and him to me. Thank you for the idea though it is appreciated.

Side note about scout book and the training site for the previous poster. They are still connected, they have always been separate sites as long as I’ve used them but they are directly connected. One option I proposed was to delete my scoutbook account and start fresh. I was told this would delete all of my training too, that was from national as I’ve been told. So if a scoutbook account can’t be deleted without deleting your training information then they are still directly connected.

Thank you to all that posted. I do appreciate the ideas as so far my issue has been a non standard one. Hopefully one of them will be the final golden nugget of wisdom that solves the issue. Yet again thank you all it is greatly appreciated

Deleting a Scoutbook userID does not do anything to a user’s training., because training completions are stored elsewhere.

The issue you are having seems to be related to the automated membership update. The developers are investigating.

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