Parent seems to have been deleted

Is there a log or anything on who deletes an account and when it gets deleted? I have a parent who’s whole BSA account seems to have been deleted or is at least missing and I’m trying to figure out if it was done intentionally or by mistake. I have all 3 of his kids’ BSA IDs and Scoutbook IDs, but I don’t have his BSA ID anymore (for obvious reasons). Thanks in advance for anyone that might be able to look into it for me!


Post the kids’ BSA Member IDs (no names) and we will look.

Apparently I can’t see his oldest since he’s a den chief for our pack, but those two should get you there. Backstory: we had initially created an account for him before council did (we didn’t know better at the time) and so he was never able to log into that one. But another account (with the same name, obviously) was created by our council and he was able to log into that one since around September/October timeframe. That’s the one that was deleted. I tried a day or two ago to try to get him back into his scouts, but it looks like it just created the bad account again (all zeros for the zip code) that I can’t get into to even view anything.


You need to contact your Council regarding this parent.

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I can’t say what happened. The system will not give me any information on the parent.

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