Where to find awards adults have earned

I have looked all around but can not find a listing of what awards (ex: Scouters training, den leaders training, etc)

Where can the info be found?


Well you really do not cause often council does not enter them - and there is no good place to see them at all


My council is a rare one indeed who enters them. For what ever reason, and I am thankful, they continue to do so.

If you are a key 3 / key 3 delegate in my.scouting, go to the roster, check a box in front of only one person, go to the unit advancement details report. If, and only if, your council enters these, they are there. Like @DonovanMcNeil says, nearly all do not. I think the reason is very few people can access the data and there isn’t much to do with it other than say “nice!” Since your question spurred me to look, I noticed a recently announced award I will receive isn’t recorded. It may never be. :frowning:


Your registrar has a report called the Person report which lists all the awards that someone has received. This was used in the old days when someone moved from Council to Council. The report still exists in Registrar Tools.

Thank you @Matt.Johnson !

I have learned something new today!

Now, I do not have to keep pestering our Registrar to get reports on our unit, so I can encourage people to get various adult awards, or nominate them for things they might already have.

where do I find the Registrar tools?

@DavidStachlewtiz - that is something that council staff have access to.

The path to the report I mentioned can be accessed by key 3’s in a unit.