Lost a Leader and her Scout


I am a new Cubmaster and was attempting to advance dens and clean up my pack in Scoutbook. I removed a Den after first removing all scouts and leaders from it. When I went back to my roster one of my leaders BSA ID 13036279 and her scout were gone. I am pretty sure I had re-assigned each to a different den but now they are gone completely. When I try to add her back as a leader and search using either her name or BSA number neither come up. I’m not quite sure what to do.


MID 13036279 and her son were last registered in 2022. You will need to contact your Council.

Thank you. There should be a daughter Amelia who is the scout that dropped off.

Amelia was last registered in 2022. You need to contact your Council.

I also recommend having your Council add Amelia to her mother’s record using the Relationship tab of Registrar Tools.

Thank you for you help!

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