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Lost access to Internet Advancement 2.0

I just did that today to see if reading adding my position as Cubmaster might work. I don’t know how to take the old one off. However, the problem started last week, at which point I only had one Cubmaster position listed under my positions.

I’ve only ever been with one pack. I don’t even know what the other pack may be.

If we did set up a screen share, how would we do it? I just need to get it fixed. I have committee members asking for advancement reports.

@DanicaStout - I would send you a link to start the process. You would email me at sjhjr@comcast.net and we would take it from there.

I’d like to try that please. I will email you.

Thank you for your help!

I am having a similar issue – trying to upload advancement from troopmaster into IA 2.0 for upcoming virtual COH and can’t make any advancement entries within IA 2.0. I had the Scoutmaster redesignated me as a Key 3 Designate (primary role is ASM) and verified that does appear in my.scouting profile (and I can now see the Organization Security Security Manager which I had disappeared for me) – but it is like IA 2.0 is “not seeing” my designation. My wife (unit advancement chair) is having the same issue – SM redesignated her in that role but it isn’t transferring over to IA 2.0 (which only sees her as “unit admin”). Appreciate any advice on sorting out.

I still am not linked to my pack