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Lost authority in IA2.0

I’m designated as the UAC and have successfully submitted advancements in the past, but today when I logged in it says I’m not authorized to enter the advancements. I see others have had this problem recently, so I hope it can be fixed.

Internet Advancement was upgraded to a new version just before summer. The login has changed. Now to login to Internet Advancement you must be the unit leader, Chartering Organization Representative or Committee Chair of your unit on your official roster (not just in Scoutbook.) If not one of these three, you will need to be designated in Organization Security Manager at as a Key 3 Delegate or an Advancement Chair by someone holding one of the three positions above. To make such a delegation, see the guide here.

NOTE : If you are using Scoutbook for your unit’s advancement, you do not need to use Internet Advancement Scoutbook users should not use Internet Advancement

Scoutbook and Internet Advancement utilize the same database now. The difference between the applications is how much visibility each application provides to the data.

More information and help can be found in the Internet Advancement section of the help guides here:

I’m replying to @WilliamNelson, but want to make sure @MelindaNye sees this, too.

I am designated Key 3 for our troop. I could log in and access my unit just fine from early June and through last week. When I logged in today (July 29). I had an error message saying “Missing Authorization Header.” I looked at my profile, which still reads that I am a KEY 3 DELEGATE. This is a brand new error message I’m seeing.

I am guessing that Melinda is having this same problem. Everything was working in June and early July. But today’s error (for me) is new. I am logging in the same way as I did in June (after the switch to IA 2.0).

I am using Troopmaster Web, not Scoutbook.

Yours sounds like a different issue. Try logging off and on again and see if it clears up. If not, you can try a different browser or clearing your cache of your current browser. If none of these help, then please put in a ticket at and explain in detail what is going on. Make sure to include your name, member ID, council, unit type and number

Thanks @LauraLaudenberger nad @WilliamNelson. That is what was going in with me, I just didn’t explain it well. I am not key 3, but I am our unit advancement chair and am designated that way in Scoutbook. When I checked it looks like I’m not designated as UAC. I’ve asked my Key 3 to update I’m not sure why I was able to enter advancement for a while in the new IA 2.0, but I’m hoping that when is updated, I’ll be okay again.

You should not have been able to login before. I think there previously was a bug that was fixed and it is working properly now.