Lost access to Scoutbook Dashboard

This morning I logged into scoutbook and have been completed zeroed out. Nothing is showing on my dashboard and all my access is gone.

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@NatalieTrogus are you using the User name or the Sign in with Google?

I’m using google sign in. I cannot use my email as a sign in because my previous council ID login was with my email.

OK let me get this cleaned up

@NatalieTrogus OK I think this is all fixed if you can check

Whoa, yes it’s working now. What happened?

Thank you so very much! If you are ever in San Diego I owe you a scout friendly drink :saluting_face:

Also, two things. My position as scoutmaster is not showing up as it’s my default position. See the picture.

Second, I’m getting an error that another user is using the same email. This would be from my time at my previous NCAC council.

Can you assist with these two issues?
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@NatalieTrogus In Scoutbook, go to:

My Account → My Positions

In the section “My Current Positions & Roles”, do you see an icon that looks kind of like a person? Check and see if it is only on your Scoutmaster position.

I am also a committee member for the crew and boys troop. Prior to the issue with my SB this morning, the position on the picture was scoutmaster.

@NatalieTrogus I understand.

Please check “My Positions” and see if you see the icon that looks like a person on any of the other positions.

There is a person next to my scoutmaster

@NatalieTrogus But the icon is next to multiple positions. You need to click on the other positions with the icon and move the default position slider off. You should only have one default position.

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Ok that worked and made the changes. Thank you.

How do I fix the error warning “another user using my email” which is left over from my previous council.

The warning message is because one of your children is using the same e-mail address. Because you are using Gmail, we can put a +1 on it. You won’t get the warning message anymore.

It would like similar to this:


Ok I updated my youngest daughter’s email from my email to hers. So thank you and the problem is fixed.

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