Lost all Scouts, Parents and some Leaders in Scoutbook

yes the grace period ended yesterday - an extension was run - might have just been for UMC churches am checking

We had 27 scouts and now show 11. I don’t understand why some didn’t register/extend and others did.

either way this is a council issue - you cannot talk to national or Scoutbook - they can - this is their issue to fight for

Thank you for all the help.

I logged in today for the first time since the site moved and I am missing a lot of my scouts. My BSA number is 128521775. Can anyone take a look?
-dawn carlisle

When you say “the site moved”, are you referring to the change from https://www.scoutbook.com to https://scoutbook.scouting.org? The actual move was quite a while ago. It’s just that the redirect appears to have failed recently.

That said, my go-to for missing scouts in Scoutbook is to check the official roster at https://my.scouting.org under the unit number in the left-side drop down menu. If they are missing there, it’s typically a registration/recharter problem that needs to be resolved by coordinating with your council registrar. If the scouts appear there, then one of the SUAC folks might be able to force a synch to Scoutbook to reset the roster there.

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@DawnCarlisle It looks like your pack’s recharter is not complete. Please contact your local council for assistance.

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We are also chartered by FUMC, and are in your council. After discussing the FUMC units all showing as being ‘on hold’ with Key 3 members at our March Roundtable, it appears that they have now started processing them.
Both of my units are now updated, both in my.scouting and in Scoutbook. I just printed membership cards for them with 12/31/22 expiration dates.
If they have not gotten to your unit, keep checking and I would expect you to see a change shortly.
The only FUMC units in our district who are still showing as ‘on hold’ (3) are that way due to missing signatures.

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