Lost connections with a bunch of scouts

Hi – Not good at scoutbook, yet!

WE moved a bunch of cubs over to the troop after cross over. I am an admin for both pack and troop.

Scouts disappeared one day and now they do not even show up in my connections.

I updated my admin roles in both still not showing up.

Any ideas?


Did you just move them in Scoutbook or were they also registered with the Troop?

just moved them over

although paperwork for most of them has now been filed.

I imagine it has not been processed so they dropped out of Scoutbook - if you have a BSA # for one I can take a look

134786202 is the number I believe


that MID is registered in Pack 1214

I am an admin for that pack and he is not showing up there either or in my connections. he is in some sort of scoutbook limbo (I even updated my postion)

that is cause you ended the scouts membership in Scoutbook pack - then Apr 19 - Ended by SB-2874 clean up script for membership that was not on recharter that runs on Apr 19 2021 8:49AM

You need council to register them or have Pack key 3 - Transferring from another unit in the Same Council | Scoutbook Knowledge Base

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