Lost Pack Admin Abilities & Ability to view Roles

Hi! I was trying to correct the issue where I wasn’t connected to a Scout and I unapproved myself as Pack Admin. Whoops! When I asked one of my other Pack Admins to reapprove it, I saw that I no longer have access to the adult leaders info. and can’t even dig into my positions (When I click on any positions under my profile, nothing happens- two browsers have the same issue.) I’m able to view all of the Cubs in my Pack, but I’m in View Only mode.

My fellow leader who has Pack Admin also showed me how I no longer have “Add Position” under my roles either. Oy!

I have broken my account- can anyone help?

(BSA ID is 130018669. I do not have a duplicate account issue that I’m aware of.)

First screenshot is what I see on Pack Roster and Second screenshot is what I see under My Current Positions & Roles

We have seen other people with this issue today and have reported it to the developers. They are hoping to get a fix out soon (not tonight).

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Thank you so much for that update/feedback! Thankfully for this Cubmaster it’s June and not August… LOL

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This has been fixed.

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