Never-ending "loading..." circle when clicking on Leaders

Transferred to a new pack (new council) and I’m getting my feet under me in the new unit’s SB. I’m the Pack Trainer and Bear Den Leader.

When I click on other leaders’ names in the Pack Roster or from the Leaders list in a Den, I just get the never-ending “loading…” circle. My current SB roles are Pack Trainer, Den Admin, and Asst. Den Leader (trying to assign myself DL instead of ADL).

Not sure if this is a SB bug or a permissions issue.

A Pack Admin has to set your Scoutbook positions and approve them. Do they all show up as Approved?

Also, do your registered and functional positions at my.scouting reflect your Scoutbook positions? There can be unexpected behaviors if the registered positions are out of synch.

A Key 3 or Key 3 Delegate should be able to assign you functional roles like Unit Training Chair (except COR Delegate, which can only be assigned by the COR). However, I don’t know that the functional role of UTC will get you access to adult profiles in Scoutbook.

I think you have to be a Pack Admin or a Unit Key 3/Key 3 delegate to view other adult profiles in Scoutbook/IA2.

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It is probably a permissions issue.

A Pack Admin will need to assign you as Den Leader.

You might also want to ask the Chartered Org. Rep. (or COR Delegate) to update your registered position to Den Leader at my.scouting using the Position Manager.

Edited to add: Also ask one of the Key 3 (or a Key 3 Delegate) to give you the functional role of Unit Training Chair at my.scouting using the Position Manager.

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@JenniferOlinger Thanks, that’s what I figured. Sure would be nice if SB threw a permission error rather than just spinning. Oh well.

I asked the CC to make me the Unit Training Chair in Position Manager last week (and even included a link to the how-to guide :wink: ). I’ll probably just have to be patient on that one.

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