Lost Paper Applicants during Recharter in Scoutbook

Hello! I am with Pack 3947 out of Doha, Qatar and we have a number of leaders that had to fill out a paper application because they are not US citizens and thus cannot do the SSN background check. They are still listed on my Roster in scouting.org but when our recharter went through, they got disconnected in Scoutbook. Help!

@StephanieBrierty post the BSA #s (no names) and we can take a look

Try these three please:

Youth: BSA ID 136013627
Adult: 137433951

137434625 and 13857249 are the same person (can you merge these? the former is the one connected currently but they can’t get into and the latter is the one that is working but not connected)

Thanks Donovan!

@StephanieBrierty The Scout is not registered

The Adult is and I set a sync for 4pm CST to get position into Scoutbook.

I will look at the other 2

@StephanieBrierty the other user is merged

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