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Lost scouts

Frequently a couple scouts drop off our roster. There is usually a note saying it was done by scoutbook due to a 90 day lapse. I don’t know what this means. Until the missing scout is noticed; they are not receiving emails or calendar reminders. Without face to face meetings, these families do not know they missing events. Can a message be sent to the troop when a scout is removed from the roster? This would help let us know to put them back.

What it most likely means is that those Scouts are not on your troop’s Member Manager roster at my.scouting.org (my.Scouting Tools). If the Scouts are not on your official roster there, then your troop needs to follow up with your council.

I see the OP’s concern.

We recently lost a scout we didn’t realize was gone until his mom emailed me to ask why she had stopped getting troop emails. We had transferred him in Scoutbook when we submitted his transfer paperwork, expecting that it would get dealt with in time. Apparently, his paperwork was never processed (COVID-delay?). Getting some sort of notice to the unit admins when a scout drops off, however, would be very useful. If nothing else, we could have reached out to the registrar sooner to see what had happened, and dragged the scout back in temporarily while we waited for a response.

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