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Lost Troop Admin No On Can Give It Back

Wasn’t sure where to post this but it looks like I was removed as a Troop Admin and I’ve been reaching out to everyone to put me back since and apparently no one has access to do that. Was hoping someone here could either

  1. help me out and get a developer and just manually go in there and give me access back
  2. tell me who DOES have access in out troop so that I can start hounding them to give it back

A Unit Admin (Usually Key 3) can do this for you

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I’ll try and ping people again with this information. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I urgently need your help as a I BSA Troop 1490’s Advancement Chair and have lost update controls for most of the scouts. Not sure why but I now have Full Control / Advancement capability for only 6 of the 25 scouts – and there’s no apparent reason for those that I have lost Advancement access (I do still have View Advancement / Profile for those that I lost Advancement access). I searched on the Scouting Forums for support on this and found none. I now urgently need this corrected as we have two young men who have completed all requirements for Eagle Scout but all are not yet recorded in Scoutbook and their 18th birthday is quickly approaching. Please contact me immediately so this can be corrected.

@TimothyDevine1 this is fixed for you - also all must be done before the 18th birthday - but all paperwork does not have to be turned in for EBOR at that time

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Would the advancement chair be able to update this for me too besides a Unit Admin or Key 3? I can’t seem to get anyone to respond to my emails.

@banning It depends on the unit - if you can still see unit roster it is anyone with 2 Keys by name

Perfect I’ll just keep blasting all those people until I get somewhere… so far I’ve gotten one response and they claimed they couldn’t edit my position for me.

they probably just need to add a new admin position - the other user still had the admin position just some connection issues

Heard back from a couple people with the people with 2 keys by they names and they couldn’t seem to add me back as a troop admin either… The Scoutmaster also tried and wasn’t able to.

@banning the login you are using for the forums is the same you use for scoutbook?

correct [edited to remove email]

@banning here is the issue SUAC has on this - someone removed your admin role - we see it ended 4/14/21 - if another admin can post in this thread [we can confirm they are admin] then we will be happy to add admin role back.

Right, I see that too and several of them have tried to reverse it. I just sent an email out to them so hopefully one of them will get a chance to respond to this thread for you.

yeah reverse wont work - just adding a new one is what is probably needed - we just cannot do it blind off your word

ah, we haven’t tried making a new one yet just editing the existing one since the UI acts like its possible that way. I’ll reach back out to them again and have them try that way.

Hi Donovan,
Sorry for the late reply but can you please assist Banning in getting his access back on Scoutbook? I am a Troop Admin, Committee Member and Advancement Chair. I’m not sure why anyone would have removed his Admin role but can you please help getting this reinstated?
Thank you for your assistance and if I can do anything on my end, please let me know.
Brad Shaw

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ok that is done @banning

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Thank you so much Donovan and thank you for following up on this @BradleyShaw

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