Lots of trouble RSVPing

I have many (but not all) parents in our troop that cannot RSVP to events (on behalf of their child) in the new calendar. I’ve been doing it for them, but now tonight I’m unable to change any RSVPs except my own.

Parents expand the “Youths” dropdown and try clicking on their child’s name, the maybe/yes/no button, or the dropdown in between. The mouse pointer changes like it’s clickable, but nothing happens.

Parents expand on the “My Youth Connections” and try clicking on their child’s info – again, nothing happens.

I’m a scoutbook admin and I can’t RSVP for anyone in the troop, nor can I change my own children’s RSVPs. However, I could change RSVPs a couple days ago. For the big list of Youths, I see a dropdown between symbol and name. For my own kids, there is no dropdown.

I am able to change my own rsvp on all events.

This is happening for ALL events that I have tried. I couldn’t figure out how to include a screenshot in this post, so I’m linking to two screenshots from my google drive: rsvp screenshots - Google Drive

This is a pretty big problem for us, so thanks in advance for the help!

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@HeatherLeRoy - i have noticed the same thing. Hopefully the SUAC team can report it

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I have had several Units tell me about this challenge with the new system. It seems Admins can see some more. But if you are an just a leader you can only do you self and if you are parent you can do you child. It is nice to see who else has replied and be able to reply for your child and your self.

There was some Software rollback last night, it should be back this morning - we are not sure what it effected

How do I add my son to an event? I supposedly have full control of his account, but can’t figure out how to rsvp for him and not myself.


From what I see this morning, the behavior is the same. I cannot change my own children’s RSVPs, not anyone else in the troop (even thought I’m an admin).

We have situations where one parent can update their kid’s RSVP but the other parent can’t. And their accounts are connected the same way. Very strange/intermittent behavior.

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