Manage member id not working for this youth

Scout has an email and made an account ID 14804924 He logged in with his email address. When he could not get into his ScoutBook account, he called me (with parent in attendance) His id with his registration is 133666045 at council 328, Las Vegas Area Council. He tried to use the Manage Member id and the system gave him an error, id not found. The email associated with the 14804924 is the email that needs to be associated with his account.
We also tried to the “forgot user name” and the system did not send the user name with either email. Wanted to see if using a user name versus email would make the merge work.

@DonnaSword the Scout used an nickname to sign up so it did not match - AND the scout already had a sign in with a Click Google Log in - we will keep the new log in