Manual online training recording


I have a group of people (leaders and youths) who did a facilitated session for Hazardous Weather, Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat.

As a district training chair, I can validate/enter in person trainings but how can I enter facilitated online trainings?


@NicolasRietsch what do you mean by “Facilitated Online Training” exactly?


It may not be possible. I recommend asking your Council training chair.

Sea Base requires for participants to complete the trainings. Youth don’t have accounts so a leader facilitated the training by running the training from her computer and took attendance for all.

OK that is kind of a different question to ask council - my.scouting accounts are different from BSA MIDs - that might be the issue

Can it not be added by using Training Manager, and bulk-adding the completion by selecting the training and adding all of the participants using search by name? I’m on my phone or I’d try it myself.

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That’s what I would do for in class trainings but I do not recall seeing online trainings on that list. Is there a in class equivalent?

I can’t tell from my phone (plus I’m just a unit-level scouter), but try under the “other training” to see if you can credit the online training manually?

@NicolasRietsch - how about discussing this with your council

Yes you can enter any training for people in your district as long as your district executive has given you access. In My.Scouting go to your district then Training Manager. In Training Manager you can add trainings The unit Key-3 also has the same capability.

The code for these courses is the same as the online code.