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Mark the last 10 MBs are used for Eagle rank to match BSA handbook

Currently in SB, if a scout (or admin) looks at their MB requirements for Eagle rank, all 21 MBs are listed. Is there a way to delineate which 10 should be in listed handbook under Eagle? With all 21 listed, the only way to verify, is by process of elimination of what was used for the lower ranks. There should be a way for SB to match the handbook.

Scoutbook uses the completion date to decide which MBs are used for each rank. You could have an admin use Export/Backup feature to produce a CSV of all of the advancement in the unit then filter by the Scout’s name and MBs then sort the MBs by completion date.

The Eagle Processor only looks at the Eagle Application, not the Scout’s handbook, so as long as the Merit Badges listed on the application appear as complete in ScoutNET, which gets its data from Scoutbook, it does not really matter which are used. The processor is just looking to validate that Scout has the proper number of MBs completed. It doesn’t even matter if the Scout listed MBs on the application that were completed later than other MBs that are excluded from the application.

I can add this request to the backlog, but my belief is that it will get such a low priority that it will never be implemented.

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