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MB Counselor - Scouts Showing Inconsistently

The system closed my topic from yesterday, so I’m starting a new one.

I’m doing some remote MB counseling during this period of social isolation, and I’ve had two Scouts authorize me as their Energy MB counselor over the past 24 hours.

One Scout shows up in my “Edit Merit Badge” screen for Energy (and some other badges). The other Scout does not show up anywhere in my “Edit Merit Badge” screen for any badge.

Looking at my connection manager, both Scouts show that I have the “Approve Energy MB” connection. I can visit both Scout’s Advancement pages from my Connection Manager. Both show that they are working on Energy, and I am the counselor. Looking at their Energy screen, neither Scout has the “Initial Unit Leader Field” set. With my permissions, I can’t see any other differences in their profiles.

There seems to be a database issue here.


I sent you a direct message. Click on your avatar in the upper right of your screen.

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First I would tell them to go talk with their scoutmasters who will probably go “OK” and give their approval. I personally would be more concerned that they are doing the work. Too many classroom programs have someone talking and everyone getting credit. Teach, test, award the merit badge. I have had several in person programs and several scouts did nothing. they left with nothing. Good luck in these trying times. Good luck.

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