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MBC can't always be connected to scouts for multiple badges

Hello -
I have a council approved, SB verified MBC in our Troop.

She is working with 6 scouts on two merit badges.

Tonight I went to add her as a connection to all of them (this is really painful btw).

For 5 scouts I could only add her Cit in the World, but for the 6th I could add her for Cit in the world AND Family Life.

She’s approved in SB for CIW, Family Life, Cooking, plus many more. Some Eagle, some not Eagle.

Any ideas what is wrong?

Once a MBC is connected to the scout, I generally have to go into that connection and add any additional MBs in that connection. I’m surprised that you were able to use the invite counselor interface to connect the MBC to the scout twice.

The other possibility that leaps to mind is that the five scouts haven’t “started” the Family Life MB in Scoutbook yet.

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