MBC Connected to Scout as Parent - Cannot Remove Connection

I have heard from one of our units and they have tried to remove the connection, but the system tells the MBC they are not connected, but the parent sees the MBC connected as a parent.
MBC MID 12667143
Scout MID 13914358
Please let me know if there is something I can suggest to them, or if this is an issue that you are able to resolve. I have checked registrar tools on my side and do not see the connection between the MBC and the Scout. TIA

@SarahNorman Councils can remove parent connections using VST=Volunteer Support Tool

I am a Council employee. In the VST there isn’t a connection between the MBC and Scout. It is only showing up in Scoutbook.

Never mind! I found it buried in a different MID in VST. Thanks for the help!

Yes there is - but it is pointing to a dupe account - SB User ID 13074154 - the 2 SB accounts need to be merged then the Parent connection can be cleaned up

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