MBC Edit Advancement Permissions

When adding a MBC as a Connection, the connection is given Edit Advancement Access even though the with only the MBC selected they should only have Approval access to a specific MB and View profile access.

It should be shown as edit advancement access, however the MBC should only be able to edit the advancements in the particular MB he is invited to council for the Scout, nothing else.

Scout A above was a connection through a particular MB, Scout B was a connection as an MBC through Connections Manager.

Both were given MBC access, the latter can see and edit all Advancement.

This bug hasn’t happened before and could be problematic.


You shouldn’t be using connections manager to add an MBC connection. Could you clarify exactly how you added the connection?

I am a MBC in multiple Councils, the only way to add me as a MBC in my other Councils is through Connections Manager.

Also, recently when inviting a counselor through a Merit Badge it would take me to connections manager.

In Connections Manager I would search by BSA ID, select MBC from the options, and add connection.

This type of connection grants Edit Advancement rights for all Advancement rather than just a specific MB.

@mitchelr - a point of correction… the Connection manager on the unit roster does not have an add button. So in reality you are just in the Connections page for the scout. Second thing, there is really no reason to be registered in multiple councils as you can set your MBC role to be worldwide and that would allow you to be searched for. The additional BSA ID;s creates user management issues which may be adding to your issue.

I have all 3 set to Worldwide but they don’t show up in the kther MBC Lists for my other Councils.

Each Council has a different set of MB’s.

I have Units in 3 different Councils.

Being registered as an MBC in multiple councils causes problems with the systems, especially if the MB list is not identical in each Council.

The problem occurs because the BSA issues a new BSA Member ID for each Council. Scoutbook only supports ONE BSA Member ID per account. This means you have 3 active BSA Member IDs and 3 Scoutbook accounts. Because of the way login works, you will need 3 my.scouting.org IDs or if using 1 my.scouting.org ID, switch your primary BSA Member ID in my.scouting.org to switch Scoutbook accounts.

The BSA allows a Scout to work with ANY registered MBC. There is no requirement that the MBC be registered in the Scout’s council.

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I have 3 separate BSA ID’s and 3 separate my.scouting.org logins.

The primary issue is the Edit Advancement privileges given that I don’t need and shouldn’t have.

Through the connections page, the MBC option grants said permissions as pictured above.

This is something that needs fixed, I don’t believe it has to do with my BSA ID’s nor logins.

@mitchelr - to be totally honest with you I would only be registered as MBC in the council in which you are domiciled and drop the others as there is no valid reason to be registered all over the place.

Why can’t you add the Scout to the appropriate account using the Add Connection and inputting the Scout’s member ID and Last Name?
Log into Scoutbook in the account that has you as a MBC for the badge
Navigate to my dashboard, my account, My connections
Click the Add button, and add the Scout as a connection with you as a MBC?

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@WilliamNelson That way works but it bypasses the whole point of a Unit Leader approving a Merit Badge Counselor.

On a physical Blue Card a signature of a Unit Leader is required to approve a Counselor for the MB.

I am not looking for a work around but rather the fix of the user permissions in adding a MBC through the Connections page of a Scout.

@mitchelr - in actuality I think just above the unit leader signature it says this:

I have discussed this merit badge with
this scout and recommended at least
one merit badge counselor.

I unchecked and rechecked myself as a MBC for said Scout and my “Edit Advancement Permissions” went away.

Not sure what happened there.

The parent and unit leader gets an email saying you connected, so they can take action if it was done by mistake.

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