MBC List incomplete

@jacobfetzer - yes, I have at least 2 others besides myself. When you put in a MB that they’re an approved MBC for, and search for them, nothing shows up. Yet if I assign a MB to a scout, and invite them to be a counselor, they are added just fine. Thank you.

@jacobfetzer - and sorry, yes my zip is the same as the CO. Thanks.

I just thought of another question related to this, @MatthewWoodruff1. When you say “search” I have been assuming that you are referring to the MB Counselor List available from the troop page. However, the Invite Counselor tool from the scout’s merit badge page (I think) won’t show the MBC if the scout already has a connection to them (e.g. parent or unit scouter).

Under Scoutbook Bugs forum topic “Received email notice Your Merit Badge Counselor Status on Scoutbook, no merit badges listed”, discussions posted August 1 - 2, 2021 indicated the likely cause was your council’s input file uploaded to ScoutNet. One poster included a syllabus of Scoutbook Knowledge Base MBC processing. Surprised the same approach is not applied here.

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