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MBC with new badges not showing up in Scoutbook

I am a Merit Badge Counselor with several badges I counsel. In September, I filled out the form and turned it into my council registrar to add Communication and Personal Fitness. They are not showing up on my list, but when I ask the registrar she says they are showing up in ScoutNET.

Is there something I can do or instruct her to do that will somehow force re-sync ScoutNET with Scoutbook so these show up for me?

I set your account to sync - we will see if that solves it after 4pm CST today

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We also have 3 MBCs in our troop who appear in the ScoutNET but their credentials do not appear in their Scoutbook accounts. How to resolve this issue?

My list of merit badges listed in Scoutbook is the same as it was before. Communication and Personal Fitness are still not showing up.

@JohnBayes I turned in a ticket on this

@VinaVales_Pugh if you post their BSA # s we can take a look

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  1. 12370893
  2. 129086280
  3. 136596566
  4. 13431588
  5. 137094879
  6. 134258607
  1. MBC shows fine in SB
  2. MBC is expired registration
  3. MBC shows fine in SB
  4. MBC shows fine in SB
  5. MBC shows fine in SB
  6. MBC shows fine in SB

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