Member Can not see her memberships in My.Scouting

Need Assistance for Member ID 12946886, GLAAC (Greater LA Council)
Member can not see her memberships in her My.Scouting Account. She is on the roster for P1230 and T719. She wants to multiple to T310G, but when she tries, the online registration system freezes after the “yes” I am a scout and she logs in.
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Just to clarify:

When this adult leader logs in at my.Scouting and goes to “My Profile”. She doesn’t see her positions in the “Registrations” section?

And when trying to multiple in a third unit, is she clicking on “My Application” from the home page?

I do not understand what you mean about “yes” I am a Scout, because this is a registered adult leader.

@LeahGrossi - perhaps this adult would be better served by using a paper application

So, in her profile, registrations, she does not see her Pack, nor her Troop registrations.

Second, when using the online registration system, after you click to register with another unit as an adult, it asks if you have previously been in Scouts…you have to click yes or no. After yes, it asks you to log in, or try log you in…or tries to find you…
This is where the system locks up.

To Stephen’s comment, yes, the backup is that she is filling in a paper app, that will be signed by COR that I will transmit to Council…but…wish, really would like the system work and there is am issue that her registrations are not showing up on her my.scouting account.

@LeahGrossi After clicking on the “My Application” button, she should click on the “Transfer / Multiple Applications” tab.

I don’t know which unit is her primary unit, but she should click on the “Multiple” button, and then she should be able to multiple with the second troop.

The system freezes…I believe it says she is primary with the Pack, and says hit “continue” and it freezes there too.

I can work around her multiple application with a paper application, but can not fix the issue that her other registrations do not show up, therefore she can’t renew them either in the system.

@LeahGrossi Please contact your local council.

They might be able to help. If not they can submit a help ticket to National.

@LeahGrossi this might be a watch them log in situation - user last logged in yesterday by that BSA # - that COULD have a different log in so are hitting a different account

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Yesterday was when I zoomed and watched them log in.
After she logged in, I had her go to her profile, then her My applications, etc.
I checked that the MID was the same … I don’t know what else to do …

@LeahGrossi Please contact your local council for assistance.

@LeahGrossi - no details - did they use a Username, email, Google/Apple - to log in?

BSA Credentials - so I think that was a username and password

When they are in my.scouting and go to their profile, do they see their current positions? Did you want them to there, too?

No, they do not see their current adult positions.

Nowhere in My.Scouting do they see their adult memberships

@LeahGrossi do they see 12946886 as the BSA # there? that is a big indicator. (these things are fun third person - but thanks for helping @LeahGrossi )

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I confirmed that her MID number 12946886 was showing.

yeah council issue @LeahGrossi - unless we can communicate directly

No worries, thanks for the try. I will reach out to Council/National.