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Member Unit Advancement Summary report

Where is the equivalent one/two page printable report of the Scout’s transcript in Internet Advancement 2.0? In the legacy tool, it was found under Member Summary and you could select the scout(s) and print a transcript of the Ranks achievements and Merit Badge achievement dates.

In IA 2.0, select the Scout, then click on Run Report -> Advancement History.

Thanks. Should we be using Chrome instead of MS Edge to do this? While using Edge, the UI for selecting the date range is changing the start and end date to the same value and I cannot select the date range. Why not just pull all historical data?


Ok… I typically have multiple browser apps installed so let me run them and see what happens. Most often cookie and cache handles.

click on one of the dates, then click a date on the left, and click a date on the right. You can’t just click on one of them

That did the trick! Thanks. I can now see even as far back as their Cub Scout achievements. Very nice!

Good to hear.

I just created a helps guide for this report: