Membership Coordinator not listed in

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*5) Member ID - 13965410 & Council - Circle 10

The above member is still showing in as a Den Leader vs. as our membership coordinator thus she is not able to get into invitation or application manager to manage new scouts.

When I go into position manager, I do not see where I can change/add her. She’s correct in Scoutbook.

I’m not sure if this is where I should post for this or not, so just let me know if I need to trouble shoot this down another path.

@ChasidyCavanna she is registered as a DL - a Unit Key 3 can go to and go to Org Manager and Position Manager and give her a functional role

The Charter Org. Rep. (COR) or the COR Delegate can change her registered position.

I believe in order to access the Application Manager, she will need to be added as a Key 3 Delegate.

Just to clarify, The functional role of “Registration Inquiry” will give her access to “Application Manager” and “Invitation Manager”.

The “New Member Coordinator” however, is a “Registered position”, not a “Functional” one. The unit key 3 can assign “Functional” roles, But ONLY the COR (or COR Delegate) can assign “Registered” positions.

About 2 years ago, BSA removed the “Membership chair” role from the Unit “Functional” position choices and said it was replaced with the “Registered” position of NMC. The Unit still has “Fundtional” positions for Training Chair, Advancement Chair, etc. This is inconsistent as there are still “Membership Chair” (Functional roles) at the District and Council levels, just not at the Unit level.
They added a Council and District level “Registered” NMC position, but did not remove their “Membership chair” functional position.

Bottom line. This causes some confusion at the Unit level, But only with who can assign an adult to the “whatever”-Membership-“lead” position were using today.

Wow… Did I say clarify?

In 2019, the registered position of New Member Coordinator replaced the roles of Parent Coordinator (registered position) and Membership Chair (functional role).

The New Member Coordinator position does not come with any permissions at my.scouting. However, units have the option to grant them the Registration Inquiry or Key 3 Delegate functional roles.

The Registration Inquiry functional role is “view only”. It can be given to those who need to have access to Invitation Manager or Application Manager to see information, but they cannot approve applications.

The Key 3 Delegate functional role has the ability to approve online youth applications at my.scouting.

There is more information in the Online Registration Unit Guidebook:

The My.Scouting permissions for the NMC are listed under ROLE TO FUNCTIONALITY MATRICES on page 17 of this document:

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@RickPoplin Thank you for the correction.

Yikes! Super confusing being on the outside of this and just trying to volunteer and help our pack, but thank you for all the explanations. Our outgoing Membership Chair, he was Membership last fall until end of year 2022 was able to access invitation and application manager as he did all the accepting of apps and sending of information when inquiries came through…I didn’t have to do any of this as committee chair. So am I understanding correctly that our new New Membership Coordinator will not be able to accept applications or send initiations even though she is membership for us? I guess I’m confused on ‘what’ she will be doing then. I’ll reach out to our COR to have her update her to NMC and we’ll go from there.

The main purpose of the role is to handle the recruiting process in the unit.
At the risk of complicating this question, here is the job description for the NMC:

And here is an article from Scouting Wire when BSA introduced the position:

The new person could become a “key 3 delegate” and be able to do it for youth. I assume the past person had this role in the system.

Your past membership coordinator was not able to do it for adults, unless they were also the Chartering Organization Representative.

It’s true the NMC cannot approve applications. However, a registered NMC will have full control over all invitations and leads through the Invitation Manager.