Merge 2 scouts to under guardian

I’m using my mobile device, Apple device,

I am Laura
I can see (older scout) SB 1124828. BSA ID 133278748
I need to see (younger scout), SB 12334843, BSA ID 1418427
Can you merge these accounts under (older scout) ID??

@MatthewMilligan1 - you would never merge two individual scouts. You can connect to your other scout with the bsa id and last name and date of birth from your profile and connections

I’m looking into this. It appears you have duplicate accounts.

I merged 2 accounts for @MatthewMilligan1 and three for Laura. @MatthewMilligan1 had two different emails, one with and one without an s in it. Which is correct? Laura should be able to log in with her own user name.

Also, please call your council registrar and ask them to use the registrar tools to move the younger scout’s parent relationship with Matt from member number 14128428 to his pre-existing number of 133278749. Otherwise, you’ll continue to have issue from time to time.

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