Can you Merge the two accounts


I think I messed up trying to merge my two accounts. I need to merge account 135871617 into 13730929. The 13730929 is now my primary.

I changed 13730929 to my primary, but I don’t think they actually merged.


@KrystaSawle well they do not merge - they are put into management - Primary is the account you log into. But we will take a look

@KrystaSawle talk to council - have them move relationships in AKELA from 135871617 to 13730929 - the rest is fixed now

We have a parent and committee member who is showing up twice. Can you merge them making sure to keep the assistant scoutmaster and committee member training.

under committee member:
SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

Under the scout there are 2 connections:
(name removed by Moderator)
Member ID


(name removed by Moderator)
Member ID

@WilliamChapman that is fixed

I had them move relationships, but I’m still not showing as the Committee Chair under the “new” member ID 13730929. I can look at ScoutBook, but can’t edit anything because I’m not showing up at all.

OK I setup another sync check back this evening or in the morning


I have a parent that now has two accounts.

Member id: 14501632
Member id: 140595206

Parent can log into the account attached to 140595206 but cannot see either child. Can we merge the accounts?

@AshliNewman that is fixed

Hello. I believe I mistakenly have 2 accounts. My correct Member ID is 14024302, but I once had account 136522210 and I believe some important information is trapped there. Is this the case? If so, is it possible to close the latter account? I have a different email associated with each account and I think this is an issue as well. Thank you.

Also, the erroneous emails is listed in my ‘parent/guardian’ profile in Scoutbook but my ‘Adult Leader’ profile has the porper email. Thank you.


Just to clarify, the .edu e-mail address is the one you want to keep?


Sorry, I think I got it backwards. Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.


You should ask your local council to use their Registrar Tools to look up your child (or children). In the Relationships" section, you should be listed as parent only under BSA 14024302. They should remove you if listed as parent under any other BSA member numbers. Otherwise, your BSA member numbers might get switched at Recharter.

Thank you! It appears resolved - the proper email is in my ‘parent/guardian’ profile. I will talk to my council as you suggested.

Yours In Scouting, Anthony

@AnthonyAngelone Do you need your e-mail updated here in the forums?

parent is showing up 2x in scoutbook, can you merge the accounts?

(removed by Moderator)
Member ID
Member ID

@WilliamChapman I have merged this parent’s Scoutbook accounts. She should log in with her my.scouting username – not her e-mail address.

As a best practice, we do not recommend creating Scoutbook accounts for adults inside of Scoutbook. What usually happens is a new BSA member ID and a new my.scouting username get created, both missing a date of birth. It is usually better for the parent to connect themselves by creating a my.scouting username (assuming they do not already have one).

Thanks for that.

We did not make the account, it came from Counsel like that…or perhaps from previous pack.

My children have two accounts most likely one under dad’s email address and one under mine. How do we condense to one account?




Thank you for any assistance you are able to provide.