Can you Merge the two accounts


I think I messed up trying to merge my two accounts. I need to merge account 135871617 into 13730929. The 13730929 is now my primary.

I changed 13730929 to my primary, but I don’t think they actually merged.


@KrystaSawle well they do not merge - they are put into management - Primary is the account you log into. But we will take a look

@KrystaSawle talk to council - have them move relationships in AKELA from 135871617 to 13730929 - the rest is fixed now

We have a parent and committee member who is showing up twice. Can you merge them making sure to keep the assistant scoutmaster and committee member training.

under committee member:
SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

Under the scout there are 2 connections:
(name removed by Moderator)
Member ID


(name removed by Moderator)
Member ID

@WilliamChapman that is fixed

I had them move relationships, but I’m still not showing as the Committee Chair under the “new” member ID 13730929. I can look at ScoutBook, but can’t edit anything because I’m not showing up at all.

OK I setup another sync check back this evening or in the morning