Merge Account Request from Mighty, Mighty Pack 61

Please merge the following two accounts:
BSA ID 14735946
BSA ID 14503870

This 14503870 number should survive. This is the number under which she is registered as a Lion adult partner.

There are different email addresses associated with these accounts. The one with 66 is correct and is associated with the BSA ID number that should survive; the one with just 6 is incorrect.

Thank you.

I tried to connect her to her sons in Scoutbook, and it appears to have created a third BSA ID number - 14782091 - which should be merged into 14503870.

Thank you.

@PeterHopkins I am working on these.

@PeterHopkins This should be fixed.

Parent should log in with my.scouting user name that is not an e-mail address.

@JenniferOlinger She is listed on my unit roster on my.Scouting as a Lion adult partner with ID 14503870, but if I select Edit Profile on her connection page in Scoutbook, it takes me to Internet Advancement ID 14782091. Is that a problem, or will my.Scouting get updated?

@PeterHopkins You probably need to wait overnight for everything to sync up.

Does her address need to be updated? Fastest way to update her address is to ask her to log in at my.scouting and update it there. It should sync over into Scoutbook / IA 2.0.

Thanks @JenniferOlinger

I’ll check tomorrow morning to make sure the IDs are the same and see whether her address shows up. If not, I’ll ask her to fix it in my.Scouting.