Merge adult leader account, please

*SB User ID: 116930

The leader is listed on our charter as Member ID 124461854 but Scoutbook is showing his Member ID as 136160187. Can these accounts be merged? We don’t want to lose any training record under either number but he wants to keep the earlier Member ID number.


@GailAlexander This should be fixed.

You might need to wait overnight for everything to sync up.

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I am working on Recharter. My adult leader did his YPT on member ID # 135463012. The same leader has member ID # 13640775 on the Recharter roster. Should these two accounts be merged? Or should I add the member ID that has completed the YPT and remove the ID that does not have the completed training?

I merged the MIDs and fixed the accounts @LoisDuncan give it 24 hours - 0775 is the one to keep