Merge IDs (Parent- Never a Leader)

Hi! I am trying to merge 3 parent IDs- the parent has never been a leader, but has 3 IDs and is not attached to the one that is attached to his son in Scoutbook. He also told me he has two logins to my.scouting and that one gives him an error to contact Council to gain access (so may be an old one pre-SB).

When he attempts to merge them himself, he gets an error that it doesn’t match his profile. Thanks in advance for your help! He may end up camping with the Troop (so will need to get officially registered), so trying to get his account straight before that happens.

  • 13582902 (one attached to Scout in Scoutbook)
  • 12959585 (one that shows up when he logs into my.scouting)
  • 12332158 (one that he can log into in SB)

@JennyGoguen This should be fixed.

Primary BSA member ID number for this user is:


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