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I have a den leader with a den leader account and his parent account. Could we get those merged? His BSAID for the leader account is 9951236. I can’t seem to find a BSA ID for his parent account, but his scoutbook ID is 10208458. Is that enough info to do the merge? Thanks!

I have a leader that transferred to us from California. Somewhere along the way he ended up with two scout member IDs.

The Pack is showing our Den Leader Kevin at: 14222824 (and no training other than YPT)
But when he logs in, he sees his member ID as: 135410776 (with all his training intact from California)

Can you please merge these two accounts into one so we can see his completed training and minimize his frustration?


@EricFriese This should be fixed.

@JamesWine I have fixed this. However, in a case like this where the name and date of birth (DOB) match, the adult can log in at my.scouting and go to:

Menu → Manage Member ID

and switch the primary BSA member number to the new council.

The training will usually merge within about 24 hours.

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I understand that

  • Each council issues their own BSA ID numbers. Thus a member can have more than one BSA ID number one need to assign one to be the
    “primary” BSA ID number at
  • Some Scoutbook users do not have BSA ID numbers. Thus, there are also SB login associated ID numbers.


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