Merge Leader with account from old council

old account from Arizona, member ID 132091050 with her new member number from the Mid-Iowa Council 1407921 and please make the Mid Iowa number the primary account so she shows and can get access to T73B.

Thank you.
Glenn Simmonds
Scoutmaster - Troop 73

@GlennSimmonds - please do not post names…

Beyond that the BSA ID numbers do not carry between councils. I have no idea why folks think they do.

I think most folks aren’t as familiar with the arcana of BSA software and record keeping as some of us. :^)

That said, @GlennSimmonds, are you looking to merge two Scoutbook accounts, or to add a BSA ID as primary for an adult? In the latter case, the adult can add the “new” BSA ID to their existing my.scouting account, and set it as primary.

@CharleyHamilton - yeah you are correct and i will back away from the hot mess that is BSA ID numbers

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@GlennSimmonds there are some DOB differences here - by like 2 years, not same Month or Day

@GlennSimmonds same email so I fixed it - should probably check with council on DOB

Greetings all,

Apologies for the confusion. I am looking to add a primary for an adult. She has moved to our council and is now taking an adult role here.

We can’t get the Scoutbook under her new account to work so she can perform her duties in the troop. We did try to add a new ID under her account and it errored, which is why we reached out. I understand someone found a DOB error. We will work with the registrar to fix that.

Thank you for fixing based on the emails. I apologize for adding the name, in the crazy of a troop meeting, I forgot the forum was not completely private when I rapidly wrote the request.


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