Merge two leader accounts

One of my adult leaders has two accounts name [name removed by Moderator for privacy] BSA# 136649468 and 13790266. Could i please merged together?

@ChristopherPlumlee-h this is fixed

Same problem here, though there is a typo on one of the name spellings. Joseph is correct spelling.

135687427 and 13555592

Thank you!

@EdenReagan, I think that PII things like name spelling and birth date have to be corrected by the council registrar.

Got it. I will check with them… Thanks!

I merged the scoutbook accounts. Although it doesn’t look like he has logged in in a long time. His username is his sons name. Is that his intention?

No, he hasn’t been able to log in for a while now. I’m trying to get that fixed for him. Thanks for your help.

He says that he couldn’t log in with his name, and didn’t know it was his son’s. Can a reset message be sent to his email he registered with?

His username is his son’s first name followed by 0808

Here is another for you:
BSA ID 14053197 & 110314480


This is fixed.

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And one more:
116797249 & 137342154

Thank you for your assistance Ed!

This one is a little more difficult. Both MIDs are currently registered. 116797249 is an assistant Scoutmaster while 137342154 is a Tiger Cub Adult.

I will merge the Scoutbook accounts and retain 116797249. Please contact your Council and have them move his Tiger Cub Adult registration to this MID.


Actually there was only 1 Scoutbook account but it and his ID were switched to the wrong MID. I have corrected this.

You should still contact your registrar and have the Tiger Adult Partner registration moved to MID 116797249

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