Merge needed

@ThomasGioconda you also have 2 logins? One has a #1 at the end. I can delete one for you, having 2 causes some issues

Thanks – I had done that previously and see some starting to merge but loss is my earlier ASM back in the 1990s – oh well

@ThomasGioconda which username to keep - the one with the #1 or the one with no #1

Had a lot of trouble logging in and must have added two member IDs – so delete the β€œ1” version ……thanks again for you help

OK that should help training merge better too

Hi. This is a new request to merge the following 2 BSA ID’s:
9524143 and 14158204
Thank you.

@JayJamison will help with this

@JayJamison OK use the Username to log in - NOT the Email

Thank you, @DonovanMcNeil

@DonovanMcNeil The scout that had his Ids merged saw that several of his merit badges were missing from the merged account. He was supposed to get back to me on what was missing, but I went in and looked. A few of his merit badges are no longer listed as Completed/Approved/Awarded via the check mark/Percent Completed indications and given credit to the rank. However below the box it is Marked as Completed/Approved/Awarded with a date and by our Advancement Chair. See his Cit in Community badge for an example of this.

I know I could go in and mark everything as complete but it would then update all the dates to current date instead of the original dates (I know I can past date the completion date) but all the history will be lost. Is that the only way to fix it or is there something from your end or is this something that we have to wait for another update from Scoutbook for it to get fixed?

His ids including the Ids before the merge are below.

Scoutbook Ids:


@JamesSoltysiak that is weird but I think it is fixed now

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hello SUAC - we have a parent with two Scoutbook accounts, can we please get the following merged:

Scout Info: UnitID=44966 PatrolID=62761 childUserId=4582658
Scout BSA Member ID: 134428160
Adult BSA Member ID: 134428157
adultProfile: 9762501 ConnectionID=32001398
adultProfile: 11389431 ConnectionID=65700749

@JaysonGray that is fixed

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