Merge needed

@ThomasGioconda you also have 2 logins? One has a #1 at the end. I can delete one for you, having 2 causes some issues

Thanks – I had done that previously and see some starting to merge but loss is my earlier ASM back in the 1990s – oh well

@ThomasGioconda which username to keep - the one with the #1 or the one with no #1

Had a lot of trouble logging in and must have added two member IDs – so delete the β€œ1” version ……thanks again for you help

OK that should help training merge better too

Hi. This is a new request to merge the following 2 BSA ID’s:
9524143 and 14158204
Thank you.

@JayJamison will help with this

@JayJamison OK use the Username to log in - NOT the Email

Thank you, @DonovanMcNeil