Merge or Fix account with duplicate email address


We have a duplicate account issue in that a new leader had an old “parent account” that was never accessed and wasn’t used when they set themselves up to join as a committee member.

The old parent account that was never accessed:
Scoutbook ID: 9946405 BSA ID: 13266183

New account that works for login and has YPT completed (missing CouncilNumber 230)
Scoutbook ID: 12952868 BSA ID: 14850622

The new account is missing the CouncilNumber (which should be 230 for Heart of New England) and thus she can’t be added as a leader to our recharter. We can’t access the old account as it has the same email as the new account. Can you help in resolving this?

Thanks for the assistance!

@AdamCurrier this should be fixed

Hello Donovan. It is now fixed. Thank you!

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