Merge Records

After transferring to a new council, my son has two BSA numbers listed in Scoutbook (ID #2017885) with a Previous BSA #14823444 and New BSA #140374987. I need the two merged please to reflect his current status in Troop 301 in the Cape Fear council. Thank you.


I found 4 BSA Member IDs (MID) for your son in NE GA Council, Chief Seattle Council, Cape Fear Council and one not registered in Cape Fear.

He only has one Scoutbook account that at one point or another has records from all 3 registrations. Since he does not have a ID, there is nothing that needs to be done with his account.

I do recommend contacting Cape Fear Council and asking them to use the relationship tab of Registrar tools to remove parents from the unregistered MID 140374834.

You should also log in to Scoutbook and change your son’s mailing address. This will update it in all systems for his currently registered MID in Cape Fear Council.

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