Merge ScoutBook Records

After transferring from Chief Seattle Council (WA) to Cape Fear Council (NC), my son has two BSA numbers listed in Scoutbook (ID #10092162) with a Previous BSA #13308139 and New BSA #140583320. I need the two merged please to reflect his current status in Pack 301 in the Cape Fear council. Thank you.


Each council has their own set of BSA Member IDs (MID) which cannot be merged. Your son only has 1 Scoutbook account and it is properly setup.

I have found 2 MIDs for you, one in Chief Seattle and one in Cape Fear. They are properly managed on your ID.

Both you and your son still have mailing addresses that list a WA address. Log in to Scoutbook and edit your profiles to updated the address in both Scoutbook and Akela, the BSA person database.

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