Merge scout with unregistered account

It took a long time to get a scout registered, and I needed to add him to our email list. I created an account for him and his parents.

Now the scout was registered (SB User ID: 8869904; BSA Member ID:135678330) but there are duplicate records in scoutbook (SB User ID: 13336918).

Can you merge these records?
What is the best way to get a scout started while registration takes place?

Thank you!

The best way is to ONLY do online registration - that is fixed - if you are making accounts for scouts with paper applications - make the account using the paper app so everything matches so they meet up

Unfortunately online registration didn’t work and the council suggested a paper app. The family tried for weeks to get the online version to work. Thank you for merging them in scoutbook.

@GoodloeWhite I think the reason the online registration didn’t work is because a parent created a my.scouting account for the Scout – not the parent.

Thank you. They were certainly confused.

Can we also merge the duplicate parent accounts? The old account is 140504986. The account the mother is using is 140498589 . Thank you!

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