Merge ScoutBook IDs / Multiple Councils

After my latest multiple registration with my second council in March (third multiple across councils in the last year), a new ScoutBook ID was created. All previous multiple permissions across councils were still reflected in the same ScoutBook ID (even though I had two different BSA IDs). All my unit permissions with my NEGA BSA ID are being associated with the incorrect ScoutBook ID.

The surviving ScoutBook ID is 285430. Please merge ScoutBook ID 12998642 into 285430.

Thanks in advance


I’ll look into this for you


You have current registrations in both Northeast Georgia and Atlanta Area Council. Which is your current Council?

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Hi Ed,

I’m active in both councils but have issues with visibility and access to all my NEGA info when using my SB ID 285430. The key items missing are my NEGA Key 3 permissions and merit badge counselor registrations. I’ve had to switch back and forth with manage member ID to view what is missing between them.

My AAC BSA ID was the one originally associated with SB ID 285430.

I previously completed multiples through electronic registration to NEGA and everything worked out fine. This last time was a paper registration and somehow this additional SB ID 12998642 was created.

I manually joined my new troop through ScoutBook and I’m displayed on our ScoutBook roster twice after my formal registration was processed. The SB ID 285430 profile has my photo and a yellow triangle next to it for not on official roster. My duplicate name with SB ID 12998642 is the one on the NEGA roster.


@Boyntono you will always have to use manage MID for the platform - let me look at your scoutbook

@Boyntono OK here is what happened I think. You had SB set up as one user for both councils which works as an adult (not for youth). But then you changed Primary MID to the other council, then you signed into SB; this created the other user automatically, the systems will always sign you in based on the Primary MID - THAT is the deciding fracture.
If you want just one user we can clean it up, you will just have to remember to always know which is set to primary MID and not log into SB from the other one


Thanks for helping to resolve this item. I’m not certain that it was as simple as logging into SB using the NEGA profile but hope merging SB accounts will clear the issues. I’d much prefer to use everything with AAC as the Primary MID. If you would please merge ScoutBook ID 12998642 into 285430 and then I’ll check to see whether my NEGA details are visible and my duplicate roster information is cleared up.


@Boyntono it is fixed - and I am near certain I am correct - so if you set NEGA Primary and log into SB it will happen again


When your NEGA memberships are updated again, SB will probably change the MID to that one. This is the difficulty of being registered in 2 councils. The system fights over which MID should be used in SB.

@DonovanMcNeil , thank you! This is amazing progress and I really appreciate the help. My profiles and registered positions were merged. If I come across this again either through position change or re-charter then at least I know how it can be fixed.

I have two remaining challenges:
a. My NEGA troop still shows the yellow triangle. Is there a nightly re-sync that should fix it?
b. I’ve had a warning for perhaps a few years on “My Dashboard / Administration / My Account” that displays, “Warning: another user is using the same email address”. Can you help clear this up as well?


@Boyntono your NEGA Should show a triangle. The MID in your profile is not the MID on file for that troop. All councils have their own set of MIDs.

The second is fixed - just did not see it before

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@DonovanMcNeil , this make complete sense and thanks for the support!

@edavignon , I appreciate your help too.

Have a great day!


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