Merge Two Scoutbook Accounts Showing as Youth and Parent

We recently got one of our boys logged into Scoutbook so he could start receiving Troop emails. Unfortunately, while he is rostered correctly he shows as a parent from a messaging perspective. It appears this is due to two SB IDs.

Correct ID (youth): 135582326
Incorrect ID (parent): 13129002

What is the best way to collapse these duplicate accounts into the primary ID (135xx) to have him show as a youth and message him similarly?

Are you sure this is not a father/son? It sure looks to be @JamesCuomo

OK I see what they did and messed it up -
Myst Account Setup.pdf (223.2 KB)

@DonovanMcNeil, I’m uncertain what guidance to take from the account setup document provided. Do I have the scout login and attempt to recover the parent account, or am I asking him to recover the account with the correct BSA ID then login to SB to make him “visible” in the correct messaging group?

The setup is for other parents/scouts - the scout has a log in already - I suggest they go to and use the BOT at bottom right to get it

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