Merging accounts and incorrect parent

I have a family that has some connection issues right now.

The oldest scout has three parent/guardians connected to him. Unfortunately, somehow an incorrect person (with the same name as the mother) was connected to him at some point. I need to have her disconnected.

There are two younger siblings that have the mother connected, but it is with a second account. I need to have her two accounts merged.

Scout 1:
BSA#: 134614771
UserID: 6255112
For some reason I can’t see the parent’s profiles (he’s in a different unit).
Remove the parent located in Wrightwood, CA (phone ending in 0598)
Keep the parent located in Warrenton, VA (phone ending in 5209)
Keep the parent located in Warrenton, VA (no phone listed)

Scout 2:
BSA#: 13947136
UserID: 11990561
Parent’s BSA#: 134614772
Parent’s UserID: 11764276

Scout 3:
BSA#: 13947155
UserID: 11990565
Parent’s BSA#: 134614772
Parent’s UserID: 11764276

The parent associated with Scouts 2&3 needs to be merged with the parent on Scout 1 with the phone ending in 5209.

Right now, the this is the primary parent, and she isn’t able to log in, and I can’t invite her to connect to the younger scouts because I can’t enter her email address.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Any thoughts on how to get this fixed?

@MichaelTrotochaud the mother has Google Login turned on - so she needs to click the google login button to get in - you need to talk to council about removing the wrong parent

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you. I’ll talk to her about the Google Login. What needs to be done to get her two accounts merged so that she can see all three of her kids?

@MichaelTrotochaud the accounts are merged

Thank you. My action items are to have her use Google Login, and to work with council to have the incorrect parent removed.

Thanks again.

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