Parent has multiple connections to a scout

I have a parent that has multiple connections to a scout. They both have the same email address but different ID numbers. One has an invalid birth date. How do I remove one account or merge the accounts? Thanks!

Post Scoutbook USER ID #s and we can take a look @MatthewShannon

14852254 and 14828781


She has logged in yesterday using both the Google Login button and the BSA login using her e-mail address and password. Which login does she want to retain?

Probably the one that has the correct birth date but I will ask.


The DOB does not matter. I can get the correct DOB on either account.

Thanks, she says to use the Google login.


This is fixed. She needs to use the Google Login button to log in to all BSA systems.

Thanks you very much!

So this issue came up because she was trying to register her younger son at and it was telling her “Registration is not available We are sorry, you can only register if you are over 18 years old.” Unfortunately it is still doing that. Her date of birth is now correct and I only see one account linked to her older kid.

That error sounds like she is logging in as him, not herself.

Sorry, communication has been slow back and forth over the holiday weekend. She stated that doesn’t make a lot of sense and we told her to try a different phone or PC. There should be no account for the younger kid, he is not registered. That’s what she is trying to do.

Well it sounds like she made a user for the scout not herself - that is why it is failing

Wouldn’t her google log in from earlier in this thread now be tied to one of those 2 BSA IDs?

Hello - I wanted to see if someone could help me. I seem to have created duplicate accounts when I changed my last name and email and need to update my council. I would like to delete the account under (name removed) Mem ID 13811849, SB User ID 11826149 and the connection to my son and update the account (name removed) Mem ID 140918772, SB User ID: 13700512 to Garden State Council. If someone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

@MeganWilley that is fixed

ok I noticed that the account with my old name was updated to Garden State. I need that acct- SB : 11826149 deleted and removed from my sons scoutbook acct so it doesnt show parent connection. Then I also need the 140918772 updated to Garden State in my.scouting. Or can we just merge the accounts into the 140918772?
Are you able to do that as well, or do I need to contact someone else.
Thank you so much! I didn’t think i could get this so confused and messed up lol

Well you had at least 3 accounts - it should be fixed now - the only way it could be properly fixed @MeganWilley

oh boy! Who knows what I did! Thank you so much! I logged back in and it looks great! Thank you again! Your awesome!

Well I don’t know what she ended up doing but I finally have the new cubs application in the application manager, so I am good to go.