Merging duplicate accounts with AppleID log-in


Could you please help merge accounts for parent Kimberly W (14239967) and Kim W (14917072)? She uses AppleID to log in (not directly her email address) and that log-in is associated with 14239967. Please let me know if I can provide additional information.

Thank you!

@AmandaSteiner Right now, she has 2 usernames. The first username has Apple sign in turned on. The other username has Google sign in turned on.

Does she want to keep the one with Apple sign in? We can request that the other one be retired.

I have set BSA member ID number 14239967 as “primary”, because that is the one with her parent / child user relationship in my.scouting.

She said she uses the Apple sign-in. I think it’s fine to retire the other username. Thanks for your help!

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