Merging Leader and Parent account

Three questions for the price of one…

We have a leader/parent who has two profiles within our SB troop roster with separate BSA numbers:
13087352 and 137235475. Both are linked as parent but the second BSA number is linked as a parent and as a leader with all the trainings. Can both be merged into the 137235475?

We have a leader/parent who has two profiles within our troop roster, one as a parent/leader, one as a parent only; and he has only one BSA ID 133988914, which is associated with the parent/leader profile and all the trainings. BUT BSA ID 133988914 has the, the “parent only/No BSA ID” account HAS the functioning email. Can we merge all the data of the two into the BSA ID account with 133988914 and add the email from the “parent only/No BSA ID” profile to the BSA ID 133988914 profile?

We have a leader/parent with BSA ID 133728074 who has only one profile in our troop roster, but it has the When she tries to update it with her actual email, it gives her the “email address used in another account” error. All her training is linked to the 133728074 profile, as is her child and her leader status in our troop. But she would like her email to be associated with it. We can’t find evidence of a second account that already is using her email. How can I assign her actual email to 133728074?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

These should all be fixed.

Scoutbook has a nickname field on each person’s Edit Profile page, for people who want to be known by a name that is different from their first name.

Thank you so much! They all appear correctly in ScoutBook now!

Not sure if I should be worried, but in the my.scouting Training Manager just now, the first two people mentioned in my request no longer appear in the Trained Leader Status report, but they both do still appear in the YPT Report. Thoughts?

I would recommend waiting 24-48 hours and see if they show up again.

Will do, thanks so much!

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