Merging Scouts

I had a scout that took a year off and his parents registered him through our link 2 days ago. The problem stems I believe he was in Naragansett Council in Troop #1 in our town that did not recharter in 2020. He is now Mayflower Council BSA ID 13889087. He now appears in scoutbook for our Troop #14. His Narragansett Council BSA ID 126061896 was. He showed up in our scoutbook as a brand new scout and nothing from Scoutnet filed. The family did this last year for his older brother and there was no problem with recorded rank, MB’s, awards etc. Can someone help I have reached out to our Council but don’t know if they can help when merging files as they haven’t been able to help in the past with two councils same town problem we face.

I also understand that this only for completed achievements that would be sync’d Scoutnet from Scoutbook so anything he was working on would have to added after the fact.


Give me a few minutes and I will fix this for you.


I merged the Scout’s Scoutbook accounts. Log off of Scoutbook and back in. You should find his account now has all of his previous advancement.

Ed, thank you it appears to be there, thank you!

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