Merit Badge Counselor Invitation Stuck in Pending Status but Invitation Cannot be Accepted

In April 2024, 5 scouts attempted to start Chess Merit Badge with following assignments:

  • Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) Invited to be counselor: BSA 133748673
  • Scouts: BSA 13976806, 140292700, 13975927, 14141847, 13892425
    In all five cases, the MBC received an invitation email, but the invitation instructed her to login with credentials provided in the email that matched her registered email address, but gave a uniquely different password for each scout. When the MBC attempted to login to Scoutbook with these passwords, she received an error message telling her to login with her previously already existing credentials. When she logged in to Scoutbook with her existing credentials, she was able to login, but there is no indication anywhere of her invitation to counsel these five scouts. So she is unable to accept the invitations. I have tried removing the merit badge (in Scoutbook) for one of the scouts, and then trying to start it again as a new merit badge for that scout. Scoutbook allows me to remove the merit badge, but when I try to add it anew, it still shows the old MBC as having been invited, but in pending status.
    Interestingly, in May 2024, I tried starting this same merit badge for a sixth (different scout, BSA 12435018) and inviting the same MBC. In this case, the MBC received a different email invitation, in which she was simply instructed to sign in to Scoutbook (no new unique password provided). In this case, she logged in, found the invitation and accepted it with no problem.

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