Merit Badge Counselor Search Not Finding Expected Counselor

Registered MBC is not visible in MB Counselor List search feature. Person is registered as MBC and MBC Upload shows no errors. Person can view his MBC position record including MBs approved (image). Visibility settings are open (image) and yet his record does not show when searching for last name (image) or first name or merit badge (only tested 2 of those).

mbc position

I’ve noticed similar behavior recently when searching by name, but hadn’t really thought too hard about it, since I found the individual I was trying to locate when searching by merit badge.

Do they appear in the list if you search by MB and distance? I’m wondering if this is another place where the user search is broken, and searching by badge gets around the actual issue.

Fair question. My tests earlier used the 50 mile limit. I just checked with no milage limit. Still no listing for last name = “Nagaraju”.

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