Merit badge counselor search

That’s it…. Thanks! It’s only under the unit. Hopefully that’s on the list to reconcile.

I go in under crew and have the above screen. What does the other one look like. I still don’t get stuff. I thought I might try a different browser?


The MBC search from the Council Admin Screen is only designed for use by Council admins when validating their list. It is not intended to be used to find an MBC outside of Council. As Ron pointed out, you need to use the MBC search on the unit screen when finding an MBC for a Scout.


The “other” screen is only for those individuals who are Council Admins in Scoutbook. The MB Counselor Search on the unit page is the only search you will have.

What “stuff” are you missing?

I still can not find you, Ed, when i do a search of the whole world. I will try a microsoft edge.

You need to search for D’Avignon

@KristinChioma - any luck as it works for me flawlessly

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